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Are You Ready for the Journey of Personal Development?

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Hello everyone!

It's been almost seven years since my book "Will You Be My Role Mate?" was published, where I expressed that life is like a movie and we are the main characters in it. In my journey as a writer, I feel like a hero embarking on an adventure, unaware of what will come his way in the script of the movie. As the story unfolds, you can encounter brand new people and doors opened by these individuals in Arda's script. It's like a fantastic movie where each door opens to a different world...

As my book suggests, each of us is the protagonist and hero of our own movie. From love to marriage, from career life to personal development, and ultimately to the spiritual ascension process, we are experiencing a journey of change and transformation in every aspect of life. On my blog, I will share insights from various cultures and teachings, ranging from India to China, Thailand to Italy, and blend them with the knowledge I gained from training in cinema, acting, and creative drama.

From ancient times to the present, mankind has embarked on a journey of quest. We have read stories of heroes, whether ordinary or supernaturally gifted, from mythologies to epics, from religious myths to various geographies, who embarked on a difficult task, went on a long journey, and faced different challenges. Despite the differences in the names, religions, cultures, and geographies of these heroes, the paths they traveled in their adventures are common and adorned with similar symbols. This journey is what we call the "Hero's Journey."

We can also see this concept and its symbols in cinema films, where modern-day epics are written, and in incredibly captivating series made in the style of movies. Whether the aim is love, work, or saving the world, we always watch the story of a character who embarks on an inner or external journey full of trials in pursuit of their desires. In the movie "Troy," Achilles seeks "immortality," in "Titanic," Rose pursues her own freedom, and in "The Matrix," Neo searches for "truth" or "himself."

What am I searching for? What does it mean to search for truth? Have we ever asked ourselves why we should search, and what could be the real reason behind the tireless pursuit that exhausts us in chasing our desires?

In the end, hoping to reach happiness and satisfaction, we searched for truth in many different forms. But when we reached our goal, we were confronted with the fact that the happiness and satisfaction brought by the goal we achieved were not lasting. When we achieved our desires, we experienced short-term happiness, but after a while, we began to taste the unhappiness it brought us.

We believed that getting into a good university was enough, that a proper job or marriage after university would always bring us happiness, and that this pursuit would end. But did all these things, whether they brought happiness or not, lead us to real satisfaction? If these things did not lead us to satisfaction, then shouldn't we embark on a real search journey to find what will lead us to satisfaction, dear hero?

Our world is changing and developing rapidly. We are struggling to keep up with this change. What used to take decades for this change now seems to take days. The technologies we saw in movies yesterday are now at our fingertips, expressed as a phone or iPad that will go out of fashion at any moment. In addition to all these economic, technological, and material changes, when we ask ourselves about the emotional and psychological development of humanity, can we say that we have shown positive progress forward? I cannot help but ask. We are so busy building paper castles of the material world that we cannot spare enough time for ourselves. We are so busy building paper castles of the material world that we cannot spare enough time for ourselves. The external danger catches our attention, hindering us from looking at the real place where we need to search.

Where is this place? Where is the enemy? In our next posts, we will embark on a journey where we find the answers to all these questions.

Are you ready for the adventure, dear hero?

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